Refer a Friend

For every friend you refer, you will receive £10 which will be offered to you as a discount from your payment schedule. Any referrals you make must be claimed and applied to your account within 60 days of the end of your final payment plan period. Any referrals claimed after this time will not be valid.

Referral payments can only be offered as discount from an existing payment plan. They can’t be exchanged to another payment plan, either in your name or otherwise. No monetary payment will be offered as an alternative.

For a friend claiming a referral, the discount will be applied to their payment plan once set-up.

Any valid referral payments will be applied to your payment plan in the form of a discount. They will be applied to your latest payment within your plan. So if your payment schedule spans 20 weeks. The first discount will be applied in week 20. Should you get more that one referral the discount will be applied to next latest payment in your plan, in this example, week 19.

The highest possible overall referral discount per order is £60. (5 friend referrals and an initial referral from a friend).

If your payment plan account is not kept up-to-date (inline with your payment plan agreement) you will loose any referral discounts applied to your account and your account will not be valid for additional referral discounts.

We reserve the right to withdraw the referral reward scheme at anytime.